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Considered the quintessential queen of casinos, roulette carrying the torch of class and elegance among casino games . We owe him that reputation for its famous green carpet, large opportunities for play and his image as an icon of casino gambling in the movies. Symbol mat gaming, it has become the game of choice of casino. In fact, it improved by adding a zero American casinos, which represents a significant advantage for casinos. This is why players from North America have paid less attention to this game, unlike in Europe where roulette was welcomed by casino players since embodies the glamour and seduction.

She plays around a table consists of a cylinder of 37 slots or squares with numbers from 0 to 36 and with a green cloth called to take the set diagramming the 37 numbers and the extra boxes that we study later. Remember that the ball will be shipped in the cylinder which will stop in a box to select a number.
Before starting each game, a dealer says "place your bets", which will give the top players to deposit their bets on the table. After everyone has played, the dealer then says "nothing works" and the ball is sent into the cylinder.

At this level, the past still have the ability to play very fast on some tables because it is sometimes allowed (but note that the head of the table may be withheld). However, it is essential to stop betting after the signal "Game Over" made by the dealer. After the immobilization of the ball in one of the 37 square, the dealer said the number rolled the 3 groups to which he belongs. The distribution of payments can now begin based on bets made by each roulette. Attitudes like the basket or bet on systems like the Martingale are still completely banish your game strategies Anyway, it is just beginning. This site will guide you through your research.

Roulette is a table game comprising a table of figures and a wheel can be spun around. The point of the game is that the player bets on a number from 0-36 and then spinning a ball around the wheel. If the ball lands on the same number that you selected, you win. You can also bet on either red or black, where half the numbers are red and the rest are black (except 0 which is without color). Hitting the bullet on a number with the same color, you win twice what you bet. There are also a number of other ways to bet on, but there is too much to mention about everything should have been included here.

In roulette, you may want to pursue a slightly larger amount since the probability of winning is relatively large. Of course it depends on what you are betting on, but if you bet on a color such as red as the probability of winning 18/37 (ie 48.64%). This applies, however, only for the Norwegian and European casinos since the US has slightly different rules.

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