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Blackjack is no exception. While the recent history of the last 300 years are rarely contested, debated often about the older games which laid the foundation for blackjack. When we see ourselves as blackjack experts and not qualified gaming historians we will share with you all the historical information we have about blackjack, and leave it up to you which version you found seems most credible.

Generally speaking, the roots of the earliest card games can be traced back to ancient China, to the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty and is referred to in literature from the era where Princess Tong hang described as an early incarnation of playing cards. The invention of paper instead of the previously used paper rolls allowed creation of printed playing cards in different colors. The ancient Chinese playing cards were referred to as "cash card" and was divided into four colors that had symbols on them. Later numbers added symbols to signify a hierarchy of cards' value.

Game historians agree that blackjack can be traced to the 1600s France, where the game was called Vent et Un and played at casinos. The name Vint et Un means "21" in French and earlier reports that it means "Twenty and Vent et Un is identical to blackjack except for some minor differences in the rules, such as the Vent et Un only allowing the dealer to double.

The game's popularity continued to grow over the centuries, but it was not until the 1800s when French immigrants brought the game to Louisiana and its  play-capital New Orleans, many Americans began to call the game "21". The name blackjack came later when the state of Nevada legitimated gambling.  Casinos that wanted to attract players to the game offered a special promotion with a higher payment if a player received as the first two cards dealt "Jack  of Spades" (Spar-jack) and "Ace of Spades" (Spar-Ess). Because of this, the game was called Blackjack.

The boom in Internet businesses at the end of the 1990s and the migration of many land-based businesses to the online arena, along with technological advances in game programming and faster Internet, powered online casinos to the front line of businesses for e-commerce. Many new players discovered blackjack and realized that it is a skill-based game that enables those who master the game to make hefty profits in games against the casino.

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