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The positive aspect of this roulette system is that if you invest relatively little per game compared to your what you have in your account, so chances are
that you go plus, because you always have about 50% chance of hitting the right color. Therefore, you should be able to play casino for a long time and
slowly but surely building up small gains. The disadvantage of this system is that if you are unlucky and lose many times in a row, so increases the stakes
very quickly when you need to double them in every game (10 losses in a row means 10-20-40-80-160-320-640-1280 -1560-3120 million). This is a good strategy to use if you are new at the roulette wheel! You can try already in one of the casinos we recommend!

Roulette is easily one of the most popular games, and has been almost since the beginning. Part of what draws people to the game is the glamour attached to the name, even if you know nothing else about card games, you will probably be familiar with the name "roulette". Perhaps the only game of chance which is better known is poker. But where poker is vaguely associated with a roomful of grim men who gamble with hard cash, invokes roulette an old-fashioned glamour and sophistication.

There are many people who have no idea of the rules, who know about roulette because it is highlighted. Roulette draws experienced players as well, probably, who knows his way around the game. These players flock to roulette in physical and virtual environments, and what they find most interesting about the game is greater element of chance in it - the odds may be stacked as easy against the house that the game, which almost never happens in casinos, where 'house always wins'.

Those who have learned about roulette via TV or on film, like the idea of it because they associate it with a glamorous environment, inhabited by beautiful, dangerous people, not just those who may attempt to hunt up and visit a 'real 'casino-it just does not fit in with their lives. But if they spend a lot of time on the Internet, they are very likely to come cross the phenomenon of line online roulette. After Ashley Revel its bold play with all their savings, and proportionately-spectacular victory, it is very likely a number of people wake Roulette rules and goggles 'live online roulette' every night - after all; Revel is living proof that you can play hard and win big, and the whole thing on the internet.

It is the latest avatar of internet roulette, but unlike previous versions, involving not only the pictures of the game being played on your screen, or even a 3D animated dealer real dealer roulette, as the name implies, involves a real dealer, and the game is made to look and sound and feel of the environment in a 'real' casino, it's fascinating to see how far the technology has evolved so that this can be done convincingly.

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