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On pages we present the most popular casino according to the players, compare the bonus they offer and choose the best, taste and judge all new and old and popular casino games, and we provide exclusive offers for our guests. For any question, comment, clarification or partnership opportunities you can contact us through the form you will find the corresponding page. You can also make public comments and problems with gaming companies in the Forum's Hellas Vegas, which will hopefully develop into a creative platform for dialogue but also a lever of pressure on companies to provide proper services.

Many are wondering if internet casinos are reliable and if the game is fair. Our answer is that "yes", is reliable and honest, but not all. And here is where drivers like Hellas Vegas are necessary, to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and to offer interested parties a list of casinos tested and reliable, which in turn provide fair gaming, high yields and intact payouts. The Hellas Vegas receives thousands of visits each month from players looking for the best casino to play slots, roulette, blackjack or any of the hundreds of games offered, so we have an obligation to be worthy of the confidence of the world and to recommend companies that respect as we are the player and will offer top services. For his part, the player is good to look positive or negative comments on the Internet, talk with service department and determine the time and quality of responses, to play a small amount and try taking the profits to acquire I view myself. The Hellas Vegas enables visitors to rate casinos, so if you have personal experience we ask your participation that we and visitors to have a better picture.

All casinos offer bonus to their players, especially those who play for the first time. But players need to keep small basket when they see casinos advertise EUR thousand free, and pay attention to strict terms and conditions that complicate the game and make it almost impossible to take profit. For example, the more bonuses only for slots and void winnings from the roulette or blackjack, games extremely popular in Greece. The editorial team of Hellas Vegas consists of your players you, before proposing a casino we cater to gain personal experience using the bids and selecting those that add real value to the player's bets and ensure profits. Generally, bonuses despite restrictions pose we think help the long-term player and increase the chances of winning through the longer the game and the possibility of variations in stakes.

Each player selects different criteria casino that you think suits best. Our editorial team has created lists and presentations that we think meet even the most demanding. By bonuses, free slots, high yields, large variety of games, progressive jackpot, software and service in Greek, in Hellas Vegas we are sure that you will find the casino that fits perfectly in temperament and your game play. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive first exclusive offers, the latest news, game presentations, and visit us again for renewed proposals. Casinos constantly looking for excuses to offer something new to the players, and each addition game, celebration or event can be applied to an offer.

In believe that the casino must be for the players a fun space and opportunities. And there are some basic rules that should be observed that the toy does not break out of these limits. For example, the player must have decided for the money that is willing to risk for the time you play, and the profit amount which stop. Accountability, strategy and clarity should characterize the game and decisions, and only then it is pleasant and will stay at the casino and play in it, and opportunities will be presented to the player.

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