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For many who like to play at online casino roulette as an obvious favorite. Roulette is briefly out that a ball thrown into a spinning roulette wheel is marked with numbers marked in red and black. Players bet on one or more colors and or numbers, and depending on where the roulette wheel the ball will stop so the player can win or lose money. When interest in playing casino online and online gambling in general has increased very much in recent years, as offered online roulette at nearly all online casinos today.

The most common form of online roulette is European roulette where the wheel are numbered, with the numbers 1-36, and also contains a zero. The number 0 gives the casino a slight advantage against the player, because it is not colored. This means that if the roulette player bets on a particular color, so there is always one field more in the wrong color, which will not generate profits. This advantage is however only 2.36%, so there is still a good chance to win at roulette.

Another variant, which is often offered when playing casino are American Roulette. We discourage careful to play this form of roulette when you play casino, then the only difference from European Roulette is that the wheel contains an extra field with the number 0, ie double zero. This doubles the casino's favor without giving those who want to play some extra benefits, so we recommend that you play European roulette rather than American when you play online! How much yield a roulette player gets back on the effort naturally depends on how he has wagered. Play only on black or red, you win the bet times two. Play on the other hand on a single number on the roulette wheel so you win 35 times his bet, which is logical since the chances of winning are so much smaller.

So how should one play roulette to maximize the chance of winning? Obviously there is no way to guarantee profits in roulette, as always when playing at the casino. Roulette is a game of chance, which is primarily about having fun, rather than getting rich quick. But there are ways to minimize their risk of losing at roulette using different gaming systems. This is especially common when playing online because the game goes faster and you get a better view when you play online roulette.

A popular variant to use for beginners in roulette is the classic Martingale system, which has existed since the 1800s. The idea is to add an initial efforts, such as 10 C in one color, then double your bet every time you lose, meaning that even if you lose for example four times in a row, then you go in plus if you win in the fifth round .

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